I used to be the girl on the other side of the lens, but I found so much more meaning being behind the lens! I began my career in high school journalism class as a photographer. Then off to college where my major would be Psychology and my minor would be Art with a concentration in photography. Twists and turns and a few years later, I became a mother, a wife, and graduated with a degree in Health Information as well as I'm a licensed massage therapist, doula, and holistic practitioner.

Ultimately the camera never left my hands and I began taking photography serious as I obtained more knowledge and experience. I had a backing of clients and family that gave me the push to keep at it and not to give up! I've found myself intrigued with being able to capture special moments and telling stories through my lens, something that can be kept physically and the experience clients have with me, mentally. I've found my niche as clients ultimately book for the experience with me. Each one becoming a part of my tribe.

I can't wait to meet you and have you a part of my tribe of light!

Sending Light and Love